November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving Math Fun!!

I was absolutely stumped as what to do for math on Tuesday. There are usually quite a few students missing, but I wanted to do something meaningful. The BEST idea popped into my head in the middle of the night (do you ever have that happen?) and so off to our local small town grocery store I went before school started.

The students LOVED the activity and asked do it again!

Here is the scoop...

12 grocery store ads (Thanksgiving edition) + Paper and Pencils + Thanksgiving Dinner List = Math Funness

We made our list of our Thanksgiving favorites and how much 1 person would eat of each item. Then I told the students they needed to plan a Thanksgiving feast for 10 people using the store ad. I told them they had only $50 and needed enough of each item for each person. Every student was required to do the math.

It was a blast! We were dividing, multiplying, adding, subtracting over and over again. The conversations that were going on were priceless. And the real-world application was perfect.

A couple groups finished early and I told them they have 5 more people coming, but they only get $60. Off they went with determination.

We all loved it and the students asked if they get to plan a Christmas feast! 

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