May 30, 2013

Ideas to celebrate a student birthday

One item(s) I need to make over the summer is a birthday gift for each student. Here are some ideas/activities I've been thinking about. What do you do to celebrate student birthdays?

Click the pic to go to the place I found each item.

Pixie Sticks with balloons

Silly straw with balloons

Student birthday button

Chair cover

Recycle empty tissue boxes and paper towel tubes by filling with pencils, stickers, and other small treats!

Students get to pick a bag on their birthday.

"Abraham Lincoln Elementary School | Belleville, IL | Our theme at Abraham Lincoln is "All-Stars Believe Everyone Counts." To reinforce this and a love of reading, we recognize every student's birthday and allow him or her to pick a brand-new "good fit" book in our school office. In the front cover, students write their names after the "Abraham Lincoln All-Star Birthday Book" stamp. This could be the first book a student proudly owns."

Hang on your door to celebrate birthdays!


  1. I have birthday gifts on my list for this summer too. I really like the pixie stick and silly straws. Do you know if the pixie stick will stay good for the whole year?

    1. Yep! They stay great all year long! I have these on my desk in a big vase! The kids love them!

  2. At our school we don't do birthday gifts, but I LOVE the word cloud/picture of student AND them being able to pick a book!! How cool is that?


  3. Agree with Leslie! Love the balloons and pixie stick!!!

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