February 4, 2013

Marvelous Monday Made It!

First, we have been reviewing Main Idea, Theme and Topic. My kids just keep needing review on these three things. So I update my anchor chart to include the Clues section and it has helped a ton. See the original post here. I will update tomorrow with my theme/topic anchor chart.

Next, I mentioned YPP a couple weeks ago and be prepared to be amazed by this wonderful tool! Here is quick overview...
-Students test weekly on Common Core standards. Yes, weekly and it is SO worth it!
-By doing the weekly tests students are able to track their progress and the teacher is able to see if concepts are being understood.
-The students are awarded dots. Green for mastery, yellow for proficient and red for lacking.

What I like about YPP
-I can break it down to see EXACTLY which concepts my students are missing.
-This drives my curriculum and my intervention.
-Since the first of January my students have increased their yellow and green dots. I am seeing kids excited about learning!
-Students have come to me individually to ask about a concept they missed on testing and want me to teach it to them.

I also do a competition depending upon percentages. If the class percentage increases they are rewarded a point. If it decreases then a point is taken away. My students are working their butts off to improve. I wish I could show you the percentages but I didn't feel right about it. Seeing the other class percentages is a huge motivation too!!
This is my YPP board where the percentages are. Below the dots I have the top students.

Whenever a kid gets a green dot (they can get a total of 5 per week) they receive a Green Dot Ticket and a gobstopper from my gumball machine for every green dot earned. The ticket can be entered for any of these 6 drawings.
The books were ordered using my points and then there are a couple treat bags. My kids are loving this!!

That is all. Kind of a different Monday Made It this month, but it works!! Now I need to get in gear and make Valentine's stuff. Just a little behind :)

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  1. I have never heard of YPP before. I will have to look a few posts back to check that out. It sounds really cool.
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