February 3, 2013

Main Idea Anchor Chart

We have been reviewing Main Idea in my classroom and here is the anchor chart that went with our reviewing. Part of it is from Miss Klohn's anchor chart.

I found this link http://www.k12reader.com/subject/main-idea-worksheets/ that provides Main Idea passages and questions FOR ALL GRADE LEVELS! How stinkin' awesome is that?? I printed off four different levels of worksheets for my high, medium, low and lower students and it was amazing!

Find the Main Idea: Planets


I actually used all the passages to show how main idea develops depending on difficulty. It was mainly a 'review to the low and teach to the high' moment with the low kids learning that every passage has a main idea and the high kids understanding the development of main idea.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!


  1. I love your anchor chart! Thank you for posting my summary anchor chart. Your post sends a lot of people to my blog every week! Thank you so much!

    Teaching Fourth

  2. What a wonderful resource - thanks for sharing! :)
    I have some very varied reading levels and abilities in my class this year, so they website will be a wonderful tool.

    Happy Sunday!
    Joy in the Journey