October 5, 2012

Fun Friday - Book It with Pizza Hut!

We started Book It! this week and my students ARE SO EXCITED! I have been doing everything I could to get them to read and when I finally introduced Book It! to them on Monday, all were ecstatic.

"Really, I can earn pizza  by reading?!"
"We are SO going to beat the other classes!"
"Mrs. Crofts, I read for over 2 hours last night!" (this from a kid who never completes his reading homework)
"My mom had to tell me to stop reading at 11:00 last night. She took my book away."
"My goal is to read over 2000 minutes this month!"

I have been in reading heaven this week! Here is how I have everything set up in my classroom for Book It!:

-I have 4 LA classes and each class has a Book It! poster with monthly spaces for total minutes and a grand total space.
-Each student must read 400 minutes and return a reading calendar in order to receive a free personal pan pizza.
-The classes are competing to see who can get the most minutes each month. The class that wins will get a free-time class period.
-The grand total winner will receive a movie party with treats at the end of the six month contest.
-I also have a poster for the entire 6th grade where I will add the minutes for all my students.

I have NEVER had students so excited about reading. I am loving it! My bulletin board for Book It! is almost finished and I will post the pics. For info on this program, click here.

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