June 27, 2020

Personal Learning Networks

"Learning communities, like gardens, flourish when they are cultivated, when they are nourished as they evolve and mature." (The Connected Educator, pg.110)

As the PLC in my brick and mortar building continue to meet weekly, I find myself looking more and more to my network outside my building for ideas and motivation. It seems in this world of crazy times, we are more connected than ever and for that, I am grateful.

This poor little blog that I dutifully check multiple times a day years ago has become neglected. The crazy thing is that I still check a handful of education blogs that I was once connected to on a daily basis even though I have stopped posting. To those blogs that I love so much, thank you for being my motivation and giving me so many ideas to use in my classroom. I will forever be thankful.

Now, my PLN has expanded to Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter (still not Instagram and I don't know why). I want to follow you, so please leave a comment or two with your info and I will be there to be part of your PLN.

A PLN is a great thing to have, especially if your PLC in you building is waning. Reaching out to others virtually provides encouragement, motivation and (best of all) ideas to use. It gives us ways to discuss problems facing education (and there are a lot now-a-days) and build new perspectives.

I plan on revitalizing this little ol' blog because I am starting a new adventure in the CTE teacher world and plan on posting regularly. Why? Because it is fun and I enjoy it. If you know of any CTE/CCA teachers I can follow on any platform (expect Instagram :) drop their info below.



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