July 12, 2017

My Daily Schedule (3rd Grade)

Hi all! I am hooking up with Jen from Teacher by the Beach for her Monday Motivation series. I am a little late, but it works!

My schedule changes EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

Annoying...oh well though.

I've been trying to figure my schedule out this year since school ended in May. I think I finally got it all arranged...maybe...

If you have any suggestions, please throw them my way!

Here is the breakdown:

Morning Work
I use 5-a-Day Math from Got to Teach. It is HARD at the first of the year, because the students are unfamiliar with many of the terms. But by introducing concepts before I reach them with our math program makes teaching the concepts later on so much easier. I love it! 

I do whole group teaching for 20 minutes and then 4 rotations. More to come on this.

Planning on using the Vocab from Not So Wimpy Teacher. I am waiting to purchase this on TpT at the back to school sale. 


For interventions, we keep a small group of students and send the rest to their specials class. After 20 minutes we send the small group to join the specials class.

Read Aloud
My FAVORITE! I usually read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Holes, Dolphin Adventure, and a few more that rotate. Those are my constant ones though.

No duty this year! Wooo Hooo!

I follow Wonders (because we have to) and supplement here and there when needed.

I need to tweak my writing this year. Any suggestions? I use 4square and start out with a Mentor Sentence mini lesson, but need something more. I HATE the writing in Wonders. I follow the topics, but do so only because I am required to.

Reading Groups/Recess
For one hour, I have a reading aide come in while I do groups. This year though, I am going to need to do one group before the reading aide comes in, because my recess is during my reading groups. It will be interesting. I do four rotations: Read to Self, Meet with Teacher, Word Work (spelling with the aide), Work on Writing.

FOSS kits and Mystery Science make up my science curriculum.

And that is that! Any suggestions, please share. Have a great week!

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