April 21, 2017

Reading Wonders - Thinking Boxes for Assignments

Happy April 21st everyone!

My district adopted Wonders this past year and although I have a few issues with the program, I will be using it again next year.

One thing I did to make the Wonders program a better fit for me and my students, was create thinking boxes for their assignments for the 4th grade text. These are just simple basic thinking boxes that require the students to cite their text evidence. The questions come from "My Practice" book and the vocab is from the same.

There are four total pages for each weekly unit. The first is a graphic organizer that goes along with the weekly skill, the second and third are the thinking boxes, and the last is a vocab page that comes right from the My Practice book.

I use the graphic organizer on Monday when introducing the weekly skill. We fill it out as a class as we read the story from the "key" textbook.

The following two pages with the thinking boxes are used with the "lock" textbook. In the bottom right corner is says 2.2L or 2.2S, L being for the Long story and S being for the Shorter story.

I ususally print the vocab on the back of the shorter story page.

I would like to share them with you. Just click the picture above or click here and enjoy.

Please just pay it forward :) Have a great day!

(If there are any mistakes on any of the pages, just shoot me an email at croftsclassroom@gmail.com and I will fix it)

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