March 10, 2017

Book Study, Reading Challenge, iXL

Linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for

1- Starting a book study on this awesome little gem. Join in!

2-  Started our Reading Madness challenge in class this week. My students read like cRAzY every year when I do this. Love it~

3- We have started our Utah County Reports and I am planning on getting them published this year using Student Treasures. My classes have published books the past couple years and it is so much fun! I will keep you up to date on our journey this year. If you haven't ever used Student Treasures, you should ABSOLUTELY go check them out.

4- My school has purchased the science section of iXL and it is fabulous! My students actually LIKE getting on it. Can't beat that any day :)

5- Speaks for itself...

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