August 22, 2015

Math Flipped Classroom at a Low Income School

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Have you ever wanted to try flipping your classroom? Then this post is just for you! I do what I call an "in-class" flip. Many of my students have no internet access at home, so I have flipped my math lessons by using the math workshop rotations.

First off, let me tell you about my classroom. I am going on my third year of having a 1:1 Chromebook classroom, BUT YOU ONLY NEED 5-6 DEVICES to flip your classroom! I've been flipping my math lessons for over a year now and it has been awesome for both my high and low students. This year I have 23 students (isn't that low number awesome?) so I have seperated them into 4 differentiated groups. These groups go through 4 rotations, which are:

-Math Facts

-At Your Seat

-Teacher Time

-Hands On Practice

At the Math Facts station, the students simply practice their facts. Every. Single. Day. This is a must. Hands On Practice is where the students practice the topic we are studying at the moment with task cards or games.

What I really want to talk about is the At Your Seat rotation. My students watch a video I have created using on their Chromebooks.

The first bunch of videos are free to create, but then you do have to purchase a license for $100 to continue making videos. My principal happily purchased this for me using technology money.

Each video is a lesson. For instance, we are doing addition and subtraction right now. I have 4 addition videos that walk my students through addition. The videos are SUPER EASY to create. I use the app on my iPad so I can write with my finger during the video. The app is awesome and is the only way to go when creating a video. Here is an exmple of one of my videos we watched this week. I was distracted and made a mistake on the first problem, but caught my mistake after a few seconds. My students loved that I had made a mistake :) It was pretty funny. Enjoy!

 My daughter talked at the first and sometimes leaves messages for my students. They love it :) The above video is the second lesson in the topic, so we have already went through vocab and walking through the steps. My videos gradually climb up the Higher Order Thinking ladder, so by lesson 4 or 5 they are doing more creating and evaluating.

After the students watch the video, they go to the Teacher Time rotation. This is where we do the assignment. I sit with them at my group table and I challenge the high group and help the lower groups. 

By doing an in-class flip in the classroom, my students are getting me twice during math. I also love it because if I have a student gone one day, they can easily watch the video the next day.

Okay, I know I have missed something. So please let me know! Have a great weekend!

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