November 2, 2013

My Classroom Schedule! Come See!

I LOVE looking at schedules in other classrooms. I find it absolutely fascinating how other people schedule their time. So when I stumbled across this linky I knew I had to participate!

So let me explain a little...

8:00 --- Love Calendar Math! I just throw eight questions on to my SmartBoard and the students answer them. The questions always correlate with the date, hence the name Calendar Math. The questions involve reviewing, what we are currently working on, and problems from the next unit of study. Check out Stephanie's blog to learn more.

8:20 --- Class Meeting is fabulous! I always try and read a picture book and then we chat. My kiddos love this time of the day. I wish I could make it a bit longer. Next year maybe.

8:30 --- Specials...Monday is music. Tuesday is Art. Wednesday is PE. Thursday is Computers. I pull kids during this time for intervention. I have started to pull some of my lower kids and I preteach lessons for the day as well.

9:20 --- Shared Reading. Oh, I am LOVING LOVING how this is going. Have you ever heard of Read with a Pen? Well, I will have to post about it. In short, I give the students a nonfiction article that we work on for 2-3 days. We circle vocabulary, identify main idea, supporting details, write questions and observations, and right now we are working on summarizing. We write ALL OVER the article. Then for the next 2-3 days I give them a fiction article that correlates with nonfiction we just studied. Okay, I will definitely post about this soon.

9:40 --- Writing. Simple writing workshop. My students are really starting to enjoy writing.

10:15 --- Recess. I have duty every other week. Love my off weeks :)

10:30 --- Math Workshop. My students are broken into 4 groups. Sometimes they are grouped by ability and sometimes not. Depends on the pretest data. My students work through 5 rotations. Buddy Games, Using Technology, Independent Practice, Learn with the Teacher, Doing Math (BUILD). I have a post planned specifically for this so stay tuned!

12:00 --- Lunch and recess. Once again I get every other week off.

12:40 --- Guided Reading and Daily 5. I LOVE this time of the day! We rotate every 18 minutes. I have 5 groups and meet with 4 of them daily. My students go through all 5 rotations everyday. On the fifth rotation I don't meet with a group, instead I meet with individual students like the Sisters recommend. I ALWAYS meet with my 2 lowest groups everyday. My top 3 groups rotate.

2:10 --- Science/Social Studies. I like this time of the day.

2:50 --- Dismissal and then I am required to stay until 3:45.

On Tuesday we have a late start day and the teachers have PLC's from 7:30-8:20.

On Friday we have early out at 1:00 but the teachers stay until 3:45.

And on a side note...I have some exciting news to share with you! Look forward to it this week. It might explain why I have been MIA off and on the past month. SO EXCITING! Leave me a comment...I love comments! Happy Saturday night all!


  1. I like what you said about Read with a Pen. I've never heard of it, but I'll check it out. I am about to start my nonfiction unit,maybe I will add some of that (if I can find the time!)

  2. You've got me curious about Read with a Pen...I'll be looking forward to your posts about it!

  3. I have never heard of read with a pen before! I would love to hear more! Thank you for linking up! :)