July 22, 2013

Word Wall, Homework Club, Birthday Prizes

Hey everyone! I have been hard at work in my classroom these past few weeks! I go back to school in 3 weeks from today and the student go back a few days after that. I can't believe how fast summer has flown. 

So I have some pesky cupboards that NOTHING would stick to. See I have to use my cupboards as bulletin board space because I have two tiny bulletin boards. Anyway...in the middle of the night I had an epiphany! Wrap everything around the cupboard door and tape it to the backside. So here is how I did it!
I cut my pieces and put tape around the edges of the inside of the cupboard door. Then I put the paper over it and taped it to the inside.

Then I put tape around the edges of the paper. I scrunched up some streamers and made a cute double border.

And then it became my word wall!! I LOVE how this turned out. And yes...I used a TON of tape, but it was worth it :)

Here is a pic of my alphabet above my white board. I finally put it up using sticky back velcro and it worked like a charm.

My birthday prizes!! A silly straw with a 'Happy for U' sign. They also get to pick out of the treasure box!

This is for my homework club. I loved Tara's idea and had to try it for myself! If students bring back their homework then their number stays on here. By the end of the month the students who are still on here will get to eat lunch in the classroom and get a prize of course!

Don't forget to check our Chapter 7 of our Guided Math book study! It is all about conferring with students during guided math. I am seriously LOVING this book!

And of course...go link up with Tara


  1. Your word wall on the cabinet looks fantastic! I may need to consider this when I move into my new classroom with less bulletin boards and wall space! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Looks great! That a fabulous use of space. I wouldn't have thought of that. :)
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  3. Your room looks beautiful!