July 8, 2013

Using Cupboards for Display

So my classroom has two SMALL bulletin boards and I love using bulletin boards to help in learning. I had to get creative to get more display space. I started by covering the face of a large cupboard in my room using a turquoise plastic tablecloth roll from Walmart...
I put tape all around the outside edges of the cupboard as well as the inside edge so I could wrap the plastic around the edge.

Then I put the plastic up.

and wrapped it around the inside edge.

I did the same to the other side of the cupboard and I cut slits on the handles so I could still open the cupboard :)

I put up the first layer of border.

And then the second. I cut the borders where the cupboard needed to open and Wah-Lah! a place to display my reading groups!!!

I plan on doing the same to the cupboard to the right to display my math groups.

This pic turned out dark. Whoops! Just picture the colors above okay? Ha! These are to display my objectives/I can statements. I am required at my school to do this and frames instantly came to mind. I know I've seen these all over so who knows where the original source is. 

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  1. I have cupboards and cabinets too in my room, I have never figured out a way to cover them...Great idea! Thanks for sharing!


  2. What a great idea! Perfect use of space.