May 12, 2013


Why did I become a teacher?
I've loved teaching...always have. In high school I used to spend all my extra time in the elementary school helping teachers. I loved it and still do!

What is your most rewarding experience as a teacher?
I LOVE the moments when you pause and you can see every student working hard...pencils writing, eyes squinted in concentration, heads bent over their work. Love these moments.

If I wasn't a teacher, what would I be?
Before I had kids I would have quickly answered that I would have been a police officer. But having kids changes a person and I'm not as daring as I once was. I am going to say I would love to have my own a craft store where people come and I could teach them how to do crafts. I guess that is still teaching though :)


  1. A police officer is an honorable job, but I bet your parents are relieved that you chose teaching! :)
    Conversations in Literacy

  2. Having a craft store sounds like fun! I like seeing my kids hard at work!

    The Bilingual Teacher