March 20, 2013

Ways to use Easter eggs in your classroom

Kids Learning With Easter Eggs antonyms
A review of antonyms is in serious need in my 6th grade room. I know!!!! I was surprised too. I ALWAYS hit upon this at the first of the year, but it is driving my CRAZY! So we will be doing an Easter egg antonym review 6th grade style! I will make sure to post about it. The same activity could be done with synonyms.

From the awesome Laura Chandler. Simply put ANYTHING in the egg and it automatically becomes a lesson that is a lot more fun.

Education to the Core has a ton of fun spring ideas using Easter eggs! Here are some pics of just a few of the  amazing ideas.

I am loving the 4 colored eggs. Anyone know where to find them?

I could totally see this one being used in SO MANY ways! From Kentucky Kodaly Classroom

This FREEBIE includes directions on setting up a scrambled egg center in your classroom
From It is Elementary's TpT store! Fun activities and it is FREE!

Another fun activity would be to get 12 eggs for each student along with a carton and write a number 1-12 on each egg. For 12 days hide an egg for each student. You would need to hide the same number, for instance the first day hide all of the #5 eggs. Hide the eggs out of numerical order and then have the students put the eggs in numerical order as they find them.

If you have any posts on your blog about using Easter eggs I would LOVE to add it to my list. Just leave a comment with the link. Have a great day!!

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