March 12, 2013

Giveaway help!

Anyone want to join me for a giveaway?? This giveaway is a bit different though. I am giving away a few items for free to everyone to thank my followers. Anyone who wants the item(s) would be asked to follow our blogs and/or stores if they don't already. I would need you to give away something everyone...for free. Everybody wins. (your items could be things you already have for free)

Here is how it will work...

-The item you want to give away would need to be free in your TpT store.
-I will put up pictures/links of the free items on Thursday, March 14.
-There will also be a list of your blogs and TpT/Teacher's Notebook links for people to follow.
-I will have a cute graphic that you will need to post on your blog that advertises what is going on.

I hope this makes sense :) If not, leave a comment.

So,  if you want to join please do the following...

-Leave a comment saying you will do it.
-Email me a pic or link of your item, blog and store.

Please please join!!!


  1. Hi Tina! I would LOVE to help you with your giveaway!

    The FREE product I will give away is:
    "My Week is REARVIEW"