January 21, 2013

Hi-Lo Nonfiction Passages

So I posted a few weeks ago about this book...

Hi-Lo Nonfiction Passages for Struggling Readers: Grades 6-8: 80 High-Interest/Low-Readability Passages With Comprehension Questions and Mini-Lessons for Teaching Key Reading Strategies

and I received a few comments and few emails asking questions. So I figured I would do a more thorough post on the amazingness of the book.

7 Different Sections
-There different nonfiction articles are categorized into the sections of Identifying Problem & Solution, Categorizing, Sequencing, Compare& Contrast, Summarizing, Drawing Conclusions, and Distinguishing Fact & Opinion.

Articles are two pages

5 Comprehension Questions, 5 Vocabulary Questions, Word Work and a Writing Prompt all based on the article.

I usually have my students annotate the article and then go through and answer the questions. I also number the lines in the article and have the students put the line number in which the answer to the comprehension questions were found. This makes them actually go back and find the answer. LOVE!

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  1. You are so helpful! I actually just got this in the mail at the end of last week (Amazon is fast!)--I'm excited to try it with my kids as a short, brain warm up activity sometime. Thanks again!