December 8, 2012

Winter Word Work Dice!

So my 6th graders were in need of a little bit of motivational change with Word Work. A simple change of activity, sort of, did the trick. I created these dice which have the majority of activities we already did for Word Work and my kiddos LOVED it!

But then I realized the cuteness was lacking. Way lacking and I like cute things. There, I admitted it, I like cute things.

Anyway, I put the Winter Word Work Dice (two different ones in the pack) in my TpT store. Seriously wish I could just give them to you, but I can't. Sorry. They are way cheap though, so check them out.

Hmmm... Comment and follow my blog either today or tomorrow (Saturday and Sunday) and I would LOVE to give these to you for free.

Enjoy your night!


  1. The cuteness will definitely motivate my kids during word work! :)