September 14, 2012

It is FINALLY Friday! That Means...FRIDAY FUN!!!

I have been waiting all week (since Tuesday) to post about the fun writing activity we did in my classroom and now as I am sitting at home on my computer, I realized I never emailed the activity sheet to myself! I've seriously been struggling this week. But, I will give you the source where I got the idea and explain it. On Monday I will add the activity sheet.

First of all, I want to thank Kelly from Teaching Fourth for hosting this AWESOME LINKY every week!

Now for the fun writing activity...

Please remember that I teach 6th grade and have my students for only 52 minutes a day. We shove a ton in every day! Every year my students tell me how much they dislike writing. Out of 106 students this year, only 5 told me they like writing. Isn't that sad? Well, since I do Daily 5 (Daily 3 actually) in my room, I needed ideas for Work on Writing and I came across this fabulous Making Lists idea at Walking by the Way. I turned the individual lists into one page with 6 lists and we had a blast! The list headings were:

-How to drive your mom crazy
-If you were stuck on a rocket ship for one year, what would you take with you?
-Classes I would like to take in middle school that will never be offered
-Items found in a pirate treasure chest
-How to spend $100
-How to keep a monster from moving into your house

Ever since this activity my kids have BEGGED to write! Love it!!! What do you do for writing fun in your room?


  1. Great ideas for writing! I especially like "how to drive your mom crazy."



  2. We haven't done much creative writing here at all. I love some of those starters though. I've taken a copy of your little list there for when we do creative writing. Thanks so much.

    And now I'm off to follow that link. :o)

    The Paper Maid

  3. These are some cute ideas for writing that students would love. Thanks for linking up! I can't wait to see you again Friday!