September 23, 2012

Fun Friday!!!

Joining Kelly for Fun Friday!

I have only 52 minutes with each class everyday and I will be honest, I am missing my days (4 years ago) when I was teaching elementary and had the same kids all day. Having only 52 minutes makes for a jam-packed period. But we do manage to get some fun in!

On Wednesday we reviewed helping, linking and action verbs. In order to make the lesson fun I added charades into the mix! My students had to act out each kind of verb in the front of the room. I actually put them in pairs because they get kinda shy sometimes. I sit in the a student's chair and away we go! My principal walked in during one class period and two kids were in the front acting out "leap". We were all giggling because no one could figure out that the kids up front were leaping. I'm sure Mr. Principal was wondering what the heck was going on, but my kids now understand verbs a bit more :)

Here is a condensed list of the verbs for charades:

Action Verbs

Helping Verbs
-is singing
-are working
-can chop
-could dance
-will swing

Linking Verbs (this is HARD to act out, but super fun)

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  1. I'm sure your students enjoyed learning about verbs, and I'm sure this lesson is one that they will not soon forget! Thanks for linking up!


  2. Loved reading your verb lesson. :) I found you on Fun Friday! Please come visit me at .