September 29, 2012

Fun Friday: Scrabble Apple

I am linking up with the awesome Kelly from Teaching Fourth for her Fun Friday party!

So, have you heard of Scrabble Apple?

Well, it pretty much rocks. I introduced my students to the wonderful Word Work rotation this week and they LOVE it! The difference between the regular Scrabble game and this is the lack of a board and you can put tiles on top of each other to make new words.

The use of the dictionary in my class has went up and the students challenge each other constantly. I require each kid to write down the words they create and to make sure every word played is a real word. I have eight apples and I'm thinking of getting a couple more, just because it is so loved!


  1. That does sound like more fun than the usual scrabble. Nice find.

    The Paper Maid

  2. I'm sure your students love playing Scrabble Apple! Thanks for linking up!