August 5, 2012

Setting the Example for Student Blogging

Tom's article is an amazing reminder of the importance of setting the example for our students when it comes to being connected. I know students in this 21st century are more connected than most teachers and it is sad. As an educator, we need to be using the amazing technology at our fingertips in order to help our students progress.

Another thought...
This past year our library at my middle school was finally allowed to purchase 6 Kindle's. Guess what? Students were going crazy about checking the Kindle's out and reading as many books on the Kindle as possible within the two week allotted time period. Here is the kicker though...the students who had always been the "readers" at our school weren't the ones fighting for the Kindle's, it was the students who I usually had to force a book at who were in on the Kindle craze. Coincidence? I think not... I say technology is to blame.

Last thought...
I NEED one-on-one technology in my classroom.

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