August 8, 2013

Classroom Jobs To the Rescue!

Hi everyone! I am excited to show you my job chart today :) On Monday I told you I would share more with you about how I run jobs in my classroom. In my post I stated that every single one of my students has a job to do in the classroom. I've had a few emails asking questions so I will answer them here.

First off, I redid my classroom job signs since my classroom colors changed and since I changed grade levels.

Here is my "to the rescue!" job board. I write student names with an expo marker next to the jobs and when it is time to change jobs I simply erase and rewrite! So simple :)

There are 16 jobs total. Some of the jobs, like librarian, will have around three people doing that job. I love the flexibility of this type of job chart. Every time we redo jobs I can add or take away students so easily. And if a student needs a job change, then I simply erase and rewrite :)

Here are some close ups from the board. I am LOVING how these turned out. They are actually super similar to my old job signs, but I added the super hero clip art from Melonheadz and it made ALL the difference. These are so much cuter!!

After students have been assigned jobs we make an instruction booklet that goes with the job. I put these on a round clasp so students can add to the instruction booklet any time they need to. Then when we switch jobs I pass out the instruction booklet to the new group and they know exactly what to do.

I would LOVE to give away a free set. Leave a comment with your email and I will pick a winner on Monday.


  1. Ohhh how cute! I am wanting to change how I do jobs this year - so this would be perfect! :)

    Joy in the Journey

  2. These look awesome!!!

  3. I have a superhero theme in my classroom this year, and these adorable class jobs would go perfect.

  4. These are really cute and I need a class job display for my class, students started Tuesday. These would go so well in my classroom.

  5. I love these! I really want to revamp my job board this year and these would be perfect. :)

  6. can you buy these as a downloadable?
    Ashley Cunningham