August 13, 2013

Personal Laminator Review!!

Linking up with the awesome Holly for this week's Tried it Tuesday!

So I moved from the middle school to the elementary in our town and I am loving it!!! Expect one thing...the laminator at my school is terrible! The slowest setting rolls way too fast and the laminate is really thin. Annoying!!! I laminated a few items and was cutting them out using the slide-the-scissors technique and the laminate ripped! What the heck?!?!!!!

So I bit the bullet and started looking into my own personal laminator. I found this amazing little beauty and a set of pouches on Amazon and using my prime account I ordered it! It was here in two days and I haven't looked back! 

The laminator is only 14 inches wide so it is tiny! It weighs next to nothing and man can it laminate! I timed it last night to see how quickly it was "ready" and it just over 7 minutes. 

Now the laminate is amazing! These little pouches feel so so so flimsy, but once they go through the laminator they are stiff and wonderful. I'm in love! My husband kept shaking shaking his head last night because I laminated for A LONG TIME! Oh, and the laminate is Expo marker erasable too!! Fun, colored, personal dry erase boards?? Ummmm, SO my next project!

You HAVE to get one of these! They also come in bigger sizes. When you order, make sure to order some pouches too. For the laminator and a pack of 100 pouches I paid $40!


  1. I love mine, too, and do not know what I did before?!?!?

    Fluent in Fourth

  2. I got one at Lakeshore when it was on sale, and it laminates a wider page. I LOVE it!

  3. I love my laminator too. Having one at home makes life so much easier!
    You can find pouches on Amazon- $10 for a box of 100. It is the best deal I've found around me.

    Hunter's Teaching Tales
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  4. I got a laminator this summer, too! I absolutely LOVE mine and use it all the time! Mine only laminates small pouches too, but I've done a lot with it!

    Keep Calm and Hoot On

  5. My dear Mrs. Crofts! I wanted to see your new room and didn't know when I would make it to the elementary. Thankfully I remembered about your awesome blog and got a peek. It looks great! We miss you already!

  6. I love mine too!! It has been hanging out in my living room with me the past couple of weeks. I can just laminate, blog, and watch TV at the same time:) Thanks for linking up!
    Fourth Grade Flipper