July 8, 2014

Table Signs and Alphabet Display

I'm double dipping today. Hope you guys are okay with that. I am linking up with Holly for Tried it Tuesday and with Tara for Monday Made it!


So, have you heard of schoolgirlstyle.com? Well, if you haven't then you need to go check out Melanie's amazingness

I waited and waited this year to see the fun classroom styles she would create and I wasn't disappointed! I had a very hard time deciding what my classroom was going to look like for this next school year. Finally, I decided upon her Blue Paisley Pop Classroom Theme!

Isn't it gorgeous! The pink has been taken and the yellow will be an accent. The main colors will be the blue and green. I even talked to our school secretary and she ordered the lime green butcher paper for me! 

So, here is what I have made so far. The colors are MUCH MORE vibrant in person. Trust me. They match the colors from the above picture!

This is my alphabet banner that will be hung on my wall. I made the whole alphabet, not just the first 4 letters :-) I haven't found the perfect ribbon to string it up with yet, but I will!

These are my table signs. A-F...six tables. They will hang from lanterns with the cute ribbon I mentioned above. 

So the "Tried It" part of this post is the yellow and making my own decorations. I really tried adding more yellow into these but I just can't do it! I am loving the blue and green together!!!!!!!

I have been using my Cricut and stamps to make these. 
I love my Cricut! My stamps too! 

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  1. Love the color choices - I went with black, teal, and lime... Your banner turned out so adorable! Love it! I'm going to have to check out School Girl Style!

    My Shoe String Life

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