July 14, 2014

Bottle Cap Multiplication Game

At the beginning of June I was stalking looking at Tara's amazing blog and saw her amazing Pop Top Math game for multiplication facts. I am ALWAYS on the lookout for multiplication fact games! So knew, KNEW this one had to join the ranks. I called my mom, my grandma and my mother-in-law and told them to start saving all their lids.

Well, fast forward a couple weeks and I was at a conference in Park City, Utah and the people catering the event gave us Stewart's Root Beer for lunch one day. Ummm...YUM! As I went to chuck my trash the boys serving the food were just about to throw away a cup full of the bottle caps from the root beer. The crazy teacher in me immediately stopped them in a 'I am a crazy person' way and I ended up with the caps. Do any of you ever do crazy stuff like that? Anyway, all the teachers around me groaned because they KNEW I had scored on this one! One lady even offered me $10 for my 50 bottle caps, which was kinda weird. 

This is good stuff.

In my Math rotations I use the letters M   A   T   H - go figure :) The M stands for Math Facts. During this rotation the kids are always working with facts. Always. 

So, I made my game own Pop Top game and here is how it turned out...

I like it...a lot!

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