January 14, 2014

Math Workshop, "Meet with the Teacher"

Hey everyone! Hopefully the weather is treating you all well. If you are getting slammed with snow, would you please send some to me? Our snow is all melted and it was really nice outside yesterday during recess...like don't wear a coat outside because it feels really nice.

I had an amazing response to my Math Workshop post, so I thought I would share a little of what I have been trying. Of course I am going to link up with my awesome long time BBF Holly for Tried it Tuesday. This is one of my favorite parties and I cringe when I miss it!

Okay, Math Workshop...Guided Math, whatever you call it, has been happening in my room all year and I will NEVER EVER EVER go back. Today, I am going to show you my "Meet with the Teacher" station. Now, before you look at the picture please note: this pic was taken in between two of my groups, so the board is black and manipulatives are out. Now you can look at the picture.

It isn't glamorous or awe-inspiring. The space is basic and not distracting. Exactly what is needed for students to focus. On the wall is a whiteboard (the oldest piece of junk in the world) and I just tape things to it. I can't write on it because it has so many cracks. I laminated a piece of anchor chart paper (with lines) and taped it to the board to use as my whiteboard for groups. The objective for the daily lesson is at the top. I have my fractions bars and magnet boards. To the left of my chair I have 9 drawers that everything is in with a basket on top to hold things we use everyday.

These are the math rotations that are in the corner of the board. The student names are written to the left. I always have my top group in the second row because they are taught the lesson the day before. Then they can do the assignment during the first rotation. I meet with my lowest group first and then my two middle groups. This gives my lowest group the opportunity to ask the top group for assistance and the top group has already completed the assignment so they know what they are doing.

These are the magnet boards from Kagan. My awesome principal bought them for us and I LOVE them! No more markers going dry!

If you have any questions, please ask or email me! I love getting emails!

All my rotations last 20 minutes and I set a timer so I won't go over in one group and short another group on time. I will be putting my math signs up in my TpT store soon! Have a happy Tuesday and go link up with Holly!


  1. Oooooohhh...I love your Math Board. What a great idea! I do 5 math centers/stations in my room. I may need to switch to this next year!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. I am with you! I LOVE math workshop and will never go back! Although you look much more organized than I do with your pretty Math Board! It looks awesome!!!
    Collaboration Cuties

  3. I really really want to try math workshop! Thanks for the great ideas on how to organize it!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  4. Tina!! I've missed talking to you! Where does the time go? I love your math rotation board!! If and when I go back to teaching math, I am trying this! Those magnet boards are awesome too! Thanks for linking up, friend. :)
    Fourth Grade Flipper

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  6. ok, this is weird! LDS, 4th grade teacher, schools sound similar, lol! we have so much in common! Thanks for the great ideas! This site is amazing!