June 15, 2013

Reports, Paper Drop and THE BEST parent letter to her kid

You all are such brilliant people. Brilliant I tell you! My classroom is a much better place because of you! Yes, you! I get so many ideas from you all and I seriously appreciate you!

Here are a few of the latest ideas I am lovin'.

Have the students create a book trailer and then attach a QR code to it. From Lessons with Laughter.

Such a smart idea! Laminate folders. Write title of assignment on folder with expo. Tape list of students on back of folder. Have students mark their name when they turn the assignment into the folder. I'm doing this! Thanks for the brilliance Ms. Lesson Plan Diva!!

Twine around a block...why am I not this smart?

And last, but not least, an amazing letter from a mom to her child on the first day of school. I need to twist this for my students. I wish I could talk about God. I do sharing time in the primary in my church which means I get to see all the kids. I will definitely use it then.  Let me know what you think!


  1. I do am a better teacher because of all the wonderful bloggers I follow, including you! :) I love the Readbox idea from Lessons and Laughter and appreciate the reminder about it! :)
    Creating Lifelong Learners

  2. Love the letter to children about compassion! I pinned it to use this year :)


    I {Heart} Recess