May 2, 2013

No Reply Blogger vs. Reply Blogger


I actually have a couple blogs and have been blogging on them for around six years. I've always been a reply blogger. But recently it came to my attention that I am a no reply blogger! (What the heck!) So off I went to search. I realized by switching to Google+ on my account it automatically reverted me to a no reply blogger. I don't know how to fix this without unlinking to Google+. I like G+! Anyone know how to fix this problem?

I found this post but it gives directions that unlinks me to Google+.

HELP ME!!!!!!!!


  1. I have a tutorial on my Blog Baby Blog page:
    You have to scroll down to the part that says **Update

    Hope it helps!

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  2. Ahhh....the same thing happened to me. I was able to fix it with the help of another great blogger:

    Hopefully, one of these ways will work for you!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  3. Hey Everyone!! I've fixed it! I used both the links above and it worked. I'm still on Google+ too!


  4. Thanks for the post- I had the same problem! I'm excited to follow the links to see if I can fix mine, too. I'm a new follower! Found you through Fab & Fun in Fifth's giveaway.

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