May 5, 2013

My Weekly Plans for May 6-10

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So we are required to have our lesson plans in a black binder on our desk at all times. Are any of you required to do this too? I love creating these weekly visual plans and I just print them out and stick them in  my black binder. So easy and a lot cuter :)

Yes, we are doing the same thing everyday in my classroom this week. Easy peesy! So here is the explanation....

2nd Hour - Computer Literacy
We have been kicked out my lab this week because of testing so we will be in my classroom. The students will still need to comment on the National Geographic Photo of the Day, but it will be on paper. We will then be doing activities on Discovery Education.

4th-7th Hours - Language Arts
-Mountain Language set 10 and 11
-Athena Word Parts
-I always finish the year off with a fun book. Dork in Disguise is and awesome book about a sixth grade boy who tries to go from nerdy to cool only to realize he wasn't that nerdy in the first place. We will be using Kagan Story Elements Cubes to answer questions as we read.


  1. We just finished up Athena. We're on Nemesis this week. My kids want to know when we do Medusa ;)

    Fifth in the Middle

  2. I'm teaching mythology this week too! We are studying Echo and Narcissus and Arachne. The kids LOVE it and are highly engaged, which is so difficult this time of year.

    Have a great week!
    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings