May 29, 2013

Chromebook Review

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Okay fellow teachers...I LOVE my Chromebook. If you are even considering getting one, then you must! I wasn't sure how I was going to like transferring over to only Google Drive, but I can successfully say that it was smooth and wonderful. I learn more everyday about my Chromebook and love it!

Here is my official review on everything I know about my Chromebook...

First is $249 people! You can't beat this!

1. A Chromebook is an internet based laptop with a super quick start-up time. Seriously. To start my machine all I need do is open it and everything is ready. Love this about it.

Everything is based on Chrome and functions using the internet and apps. I didn't think I would be able to go away from my beloved Microsoft Office (Publisher and I were amazing friends) but I have evolved! I now solely use my Chromebook and Google Drive.

2. I have the Samsung which is 11.6 inches. I am loving the size!
I actually have this case for it and I put my Chromebook and my iPad in the case and then in my purse and away I go!
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3. Keyboard
The keyboard is normal with letters and numbers. The differences are:
-The Cap Locks key is actually a search key for your Chromebook. I've used it a few times and like it!
-The smaller buttons at the top of the keyboard are (in order from left to right) esc key, back and forward for your browser (love these keys), refresh your browser, minimize/maximize key, toggle between open documents/browsers (or hit ctrl and this key to get a screen shot), brightness keys, volume keys, and power button.
-The keys are also lowercase.
-There is no 'delete' key.

I have to say the keyboard has been simplified and it works amazingly! 

4. Touchpad is fabulous!

It has the basics of a regular touchpad, but it is so much cooler! To scroll you simply move two fingers on the touchpad up and down or left to right. To right click you tap with two fingers. The entire touchpad is clickable.

5. Internet connection reach is pretty good. We share the internet with relatives who live next door (about 75 yards away) and the router is at their house. My Chromebook easily connects and works well.

Now let's talk about Google Drive and how I am learning to love it more everyday!

1. There are five options to choose from when creating anything using Google Drive.
-Document is like Word
-Presentation is like Power Point
-Spreadsheet is obviously Excel
-Form is amazing and you can create questionnaires, quizzes, etc.
-Drawing is where you can create any sort of drawing and save it as a jpeg

These are a bit different but pretty much function the same as Microsoft Office. I use Document and Presentation a ton as well as Drawing to create my units and assignments. 

2. Before getting my Chromebook I was starting to use Dropbox, but I realized by using Google Drive I have the same benefits but I don't need to download anything on any computer. It is so much easier too, especially now because I create everything in Drive anyway.

Classroom use of the Chromebook...
I see so many possibilities for using this sweet little thing in my classroom, especially if I had a class set :) There are a ton of educational apps that you easily put on to your Chromebook for free. I will the list of apps I am creating, but I will say my 4 year old daughter loves using the Chromebook for its apps. She can easily use the Chromebook as well.

I know this wasn't a super in depth review, but I will definitely post more about my little machine!


  1. I absolutely SOLD!!! I have been waiting to hear your thoughts!!!
    Thank you so much!
    I am off to buy one, probably this weekend!
    Hodges Herald

  2. Wow!! I am go glad to hear the great review! This looks amazing and I love how detailed you were in your review and use of the Chromebook! Thank you so much for sharing:)
    Fourth Grade Flipper