December 3, 2012

Monday Made It...Already?!

First off, Christmas Editing Sentences. Yes, very basic. But my students need basic right now. These cover capitalization of sentence beginnings, proper nouns, spelling and punctuation. The sentences are SO MUCH FUN! I'm very excited to start these with my kiddos today.

 I also made fun Christmas time Word Work cards. They include the same activities we have been doing all year, but my kids act like they are new. They actually get excited to do these. I think it is the Christmasness of the cards.

Yes, these are in my TpT store and they are only $1. Everything in my store is only $1. I would give you everything I have, but I can't because I purchased the clipart and the clipart people won't let me. I don't blame them either. I need to learn how to make my own clipart and then we wouldn't have this problem. Anyone willing to teach me??

Anyway, join up!

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  1. Cute activities:) Bet your kiddos love them! Thanks for linking up:)

    4th Grade Frolics