October 18, 2012

October Currently!

Finally!! I have been meaning to do this for WEEKS. Last night it hit me that October is more than half over! Can you believe it??!?!? So, so crazy. Today is the last day of term one and I have SO many grades to put in. Glad tomorrow is a day off :)


  1. I'm so tired that I read your "wanting" as "loving" and was instantly jealous. ;) I am wanting the same thing, for sure. We just got back from fall break this week. I don't know how I ever lived without it!

    Angi (your newest follower!)
    ★ First-Graders from Outer Space ★

  2. I love me some fall weather , too! Found you on Farley's linky!
    the tattooed teacher

  3. I am in mourning that my fall break is now over as of today! :( It's amazing how quickly a 4-day weekend flies by. I hope you enjoyed yours! I'm your newest follower. :)

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