June 15, 2016

Secret: Math Homework Made Easy

Good Wednesday Morning! Those of you on summer break, I hope you are enjoying it to the fullest. Those still in school, I hope everything is going well and your sanity is still intact.

I'm here to share a little homework secret with you all today. Are you ready? Here it goes. I hate homework. The thought of homework just fills me with dread. Blah!

But, I believe in homework. So I am kinda stuck. 

After ten years of teaching (has it really been ten years already), I've FINALLY developed a plan that I love. Thanks to the Amazing Amanda from Teaching Maddeness, I send home a weekly newsletter/homework page with a card game for homework. Easy as that. I've always liked keeping parents in the loop with a newsletter, so why not incoorporate the two? Check out my post here on my weekly newletter/homework page.

I have been using 3rd grade math card games and games from this book as homework. I finally created some 4th grade card games! I'm so excited! If you would like to check them out, click here.

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