April 22, 2015

Brain Break Ideas!

Do you give your students Brain Breaks during the day? How about during testing? Well, if you do, but haven't tried GoNoodle for these Brain Breaks, then you are missing out!

Your class gets to choose a Champ to represent them. They start out as just little tiny dudes!

As soon as the class has completed 10 activities, their champ gets an upgrade and grows! My students LOVE when they get an upgrade!

 After 5 upgrades your class is awarded with a certificate to print out and display. Then you choose another champ. We have a new champ about every 4 weeks.

 The activities to do are endless!  Crazy-fun songs, Zumba, fitness challenges, track and field events, stretching, yoga, and more! The GoNoodle team keeps adding more and more too!

The activities take in all ages. My 3 year old and 5 year old love playing at home and my 4th grade students love it too! 

I'm linking up with Holly on this one! Make sure to go check out the other awesome Tried it Tuesday! links. Have a great week and good luck with testing!!!!

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