February 7, 2015

Multiplication Facts Practice

Hey, hey awesome teacher blog world! I am dropping in today to tell you about our fabulous facts practice and linking up with Joanne from Head Over Heels for Teaching for her helpful Spark Student Motivation linky.

 Every term we do a different celebration for students who are passing off their math facts. Some of my students are working on addition facts still, most are on multiplication and a few are on division facts. During the 2nd term we were working towards an ice cream sundae party. This term we are working towards a movie party with treats (pictures to come).

Each student received an sundae page that was their ticket to getting some goodies. Every time they passed off a fact I marked the fact off and they were able to color it! They LOVED coloring in each section!

Some students passed everything off and some only passed a few off. All the students passed off at least enough to get one scoop and one topping.

I created a Google Doc where parents could sign up to bring certain items for our celebration. I have awesome parents and everything was donated! I even had three volunteers come in and help serve up the sundaes. It was a blast!

Now, to the particulars...
My students have a "Math Facts" rotation in our Math Groups where they practice the fact they are on or review their facts EVERY DAY! This has helped my class tremendously. In years past, I have never made my students practice daily and I can really see a difference this year. To practice we use the site xtramath.com, flashcards, and math fact card games. 

Every Tuesday during our intervention time the students have the opportunity to take 4 math fact timed tests. I use the drills from Multiplication and Division Boot Camp by Teacher Chick to have them practice.

I give the students 45 seconds to complete the drill. They have to pass it off starting at the top and then pass it off again starting from the bottom. This way they can't just memorize the order :) The set also come with a BUNCH of fun games for the students. We actually started the year off by going to "Boot Camp" and used this. It was a blast and set up our math practice for the rest of the year.

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  1. It's amazing what coloring and food can do to motivate kids right? It's a great visual and way to keep track of their progress. I love that you have your parents sign up to bring in the materials! Smart! Thanks Tina for sharing and linking up!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching