April 8, 2014

Reviewing & Center Fun!

I love this linky! Holly is the best. Make sure to check out the linky or link up!

My classroom is in total review mode. I have been using this book and love it!
This is a digital download and comes with 882 pages of colorful activities and assessments. I should be getting some moola here for the promotion, but I am not :) 

Here are a few examples:

I put the math activities in folders because they had lots of pieces. There is an activity for EVERY standard! 

The reading activities are in file folders and come with a bunch of amazing graphic organizers. 

Short and sweet post, but I really wanted to post about this book. LOVING IT! Have a great Tuesday everyone!

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  1. I have this book too and you're right, it IS amazing! You are amazing too, Tina!! Thanks for linking up! XXOO
    Fourth Grade Flipper