November 19, 2013

Reading A-Z!

Hi everyone! I think Holly's Tried it Tuesday linky is my favorite. I LOVE seeing what other people are trying in their classrooms!

Okay, these past few weeks I have been trying Reading A-Z. I am using it and loving it more than I thought I would.

Now, here is the low down. Yes, it does cost $99. And yes it IS worth it! I talked to my principal about getting Reading A-Z for my students who need books at home, for benchmarking and to use for guided reading. My awesome principal purchased Reading A-Z for me using Title 1 money! You might want to approach your principal and see if there is any $ available. It is REALLY worth it.

Now for a review...

I did the trial period first and was loving the bench marking articles for each level. I downloaded as many as I could (you are only allowed so many downloads in a 24 hour period) and was able to put together the majority of my bench marking binder.

Each article comes with a running record sheet and comprehension questions (and answers). I've put the articles in a plastic sleeve and the questions and running records are just hole punched.

Below is a screenshot of two different levels and their articles.

There are two nonfiction passages and two fiction passages per level. So easy! All you need to do is print and use.

There are SO many resources and I can't wait to explore more!

Reading A-Z is VERY easy to navigate and find what you are looking for. I love all the check boxes they have in order to identify exactly what you need. Below is an example. If you would like level M books then you click on M. Then you can check nonfiction, fiction, etc. to find what you need.

Once you have narrowed your search the selections with pop up and you simply click to select the book you want. One thing I am planning on using on our next set of guided reading books are the multi-leveled books. The same topic but on different levels! Wouldn't that be great?

Here is a list of the different books they offer.

One of my groups is currently reading this selection. I print out the pocket books and the students LOVE them. They are 1/4 the size of a regular sheet of paper.
If you notice in the screenshot there are 3 different types of books and the option to project the book. Also you have:
-guided reading lesson plans (very detailed)
-multiple comprehension worksheets
-bolded vocabulary within the text
-glossary of vocab in the back of the book with definitions and page numbers

That is all I can think of, but I am sure I will find lots more as I explore! Go link up with Holly or click here to check out the other amazing Tried it Tuesday posts! Happy Tuesday!

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