November 8, 2013

Class Set of Chromebooks!

These past few weeks my classroom has changed. Completely. And I love it! Have you ever heard of a Chromebook?

Well my amazing readers, this little beauty is fabulous! The model above is only $249 and you can see my review here

Ready for my EXCITING NEW!!!???!?! 

My class is piloting a class set of Chromebooks for our district! And oh, how we are loving it!

These computers run completely on Chrome, which means nothing needs downloaded or fixed by the tech department. All updates are taken care of by Google online. If there is an update then all you need to do is shutdown the Chromebook and restart. Oh, and the restart take 8 SECONDS! Not even joking. If a student restarts their computer it will be ready in a complete rodeo bull ride. 

Okay, so how do I utilize this amazingness you might ask...Here it is in a nutshell...
-Google Drive is used A LOT in my room. 
-Students do all their writing online
-Math assignments are submitted online
-All assessments are taken online (and corrected instantly)
-Students practice math facts
-Review math standards
-Do differentiated assignments
-Use science labs
-Listen to reading
-Log their reading
-Do Word Work (see post here)
-Complete Work on Writing

That is all I can think of right now! Our classroom is having a blast. Motivation has skyrocketed and so has the work ethic of my students. They are eager to get on the Chromebook and get to work.

I have so much to share with you all about how we are using Chromebooks! Please stay tuned ~

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