September 18, 2013

Easy Way to Receive Donated Books

Hey everyone! We had SEP conferences today and I had 23 out of 26 parents show. Two of the three who didn't come told me in advance, so I am happy happy happy that I really only had one no-show.

So today I would like to share with you how I have been getting free/donated books for my classroom. I read about this idea somewhere but I have NO CLUE where that was at. So if this was your idea leave me a comment and I would love to give you credit.

Here is what you do...

1- Tell your students to bring books from home that their family doesn't read anymore.

2- On the books that are donated let the students write that they donated the books. I ordered a stamp for $13 that looks like this...
It says...
This book was donated to
Mrs. Crofts' library by:

The students write their name on the first line and the date on the second line. THEY LOVE THIS!!! I have received over 30 books already in just the past two days.

This boy was so excited to donate some of his books. He even talked the other students into putting his donated books into their book baskets. It was great! At our conferences today I told the majority of the parents and I'm hoping more books will show up tomorrow!