April 23, 2013

Storing Anchor Charts

I love anchor charts! I'm such a fan and will continue to use them forever. I had a lot of questions and responses to my anchor chart wall so I thought I would share an actual picture of the entire board where I store them.

So here is how it works...Each time a new anchor chart is made I usually display it in the front of my room for the duration of use. When it is time to move on I "store" my anchor charts by pinning them on top of each other on this bulletin board. There are probably 25 - 30 anchor charts on this board.

I love the easiness of this board. For instance, I had to do a quick review of adjectives the other day so I just ran to this board and quickly pulled down the adjectives anchor chart. As soon as I pulled it out my students instantly remembered when we made it and the light bulb clicked. This is why the adjectives anchor chart is on top of that pile. The Complete Sentences anchor chart stays on the top of the pile all year because I constantly point to it and tell my students to write in a complete sentence.

I have students who go back and refer to the charts all the time. Some students can even tell me where certain anchor charts are. I love this board, but next year I am moving down to the elementary and will have to figure something else out to display/store anchor charts.

How do you store anchor charts?? I would love to know!


  1. Great idea!! I love it. Mine are on hangers but that would be so easy to flip through and find the one you need, especially for review :)
    Thanks for sharing!

    First Grade Fairytales

  2. Love this idea! I think I'll make a designated spot on each wall for my four types of anchor charts: procedures, reading, writing, grammar. That way, I'll always know where to find what I need!

  3. Yay! So happy when I find another upper grade ELA teacher! I'm your newest follower! ;)
    Creating Lifelong Learners

  4. Great idea! So simple and easy! And your right, it will always bring the kids right back to your learning objectives when necessary!

  5. I was just thinking I need to have a giveway soon, so thanks for offering to be a part of it! Also, I got my READ letters from Hobby Lobby and decoupaged them with scrapbook paper :)


  6. I am new to anchor charts and LOVE them! I have a shelf in my room with a "coat rack" under it (which is just a large dowel rod hung from the brackets on the shelf). I put the charts on coat hangers with clothespins and hang them on the bar when we are done. I love that if I am reviewing something, I can get the chart and hang it from the flag in the front while we are reviewing.

  7. Hi Tina- I think I'm going to try your anchor chart idea; I have a bulletin board that would be perfect! Thanks for the great tip!