April 9, 2013

Onomatopoeia, DVD White Boards, Reading Responses, Classroom Library

Onomatopoeia Ideas!

Fun art onomatopoeia idea from Ms. Crouse. The kids create their onomatopoeia using a batman clip, colored paper and newspaper.

Such a great idea to use in place of whiteboards. Store the glove inside. I wonder if small expo markers would fit as well? Hmmm...going to look into this one.

Have you ever heard of Wonderopolis? Well now you have :) Upper Grade Are Awesome just introduced me to this site and I can't wait to try it out with this freebie!

Amazing post on how to run and keep your classroom library in shape. I need to do this!


  1. I wish I had seen the tip about the DVD cases BEFORE I threw all of mine away!!

  2. I love the DVD case whiteboards! I'm going to try them out with my first graders. We use child size socks for erasers. (I buy them at the dollar store.) I'm thinking maybe a small number line might fit inside as well for use during math lessons.
    Still Teaching After All These Years